Thought experiment re: responsibility of validators

I wanted to present a thought experiment to incite some discussion about the responsibilities and commitments of validators. The scenario is quite far off and totally theoretical in nature, but should be interesting for discussion.


The POA network is used like ethereum for smart contracting and transactions. Major, million dollar transactions begin occurring on the network. One transaction worth $30 million is lost by mistake of the executing party. That party is an extremely large corporation and well resourced. The corporation begins lobbying validators, offering them $1 million each to propose and pass a governance vote that would reverse the transaction through a fork.

The interesting thing is that this scenario has happened on ethereum, and the governance implications of whether to refund the party who lost the millions of worth of ETH through no intentional fault has divided the community.


What should the validators do in this instance?

This exact question has been asked.


Yes, asked and answered.