Token address from BSC to Ethereum not right

I have Shiba Inu from that was sent using BSC and was told using a Brdge would be cheaper when I looked up sending it back to to send it through Ethereum. I looked up Bridges and OmniBridge looked like a great way to do it. I signed into Metamask and chose BSC network and Ominbridge saw my Shiba Inu token. I proceeded then chose BSC to Ethereum and did the transfer. I verified and it said it was successfull an had clicked claim. I go back into my Metamask and noticed that Shiba Inu token has nother. I clicked onto the small Icon beside the word Shib on Omni Bridge and it added it to my Ethereum. The only problem is that its not the right Token address I need to stake my token on ShibaSwap. The address that Omni Bridge placed it into on Ethereum is 0x1ffc38d7e9c8e09c433e29688605ecb7fb6ffc46 but the actual Shiba Inu token address is 0x95aD61b0a150d79219dCF64E1E6Cc01f0B64C4cE. How do I place it onto the right token address? Thanks.

Hi, Shiba token on BSC is a Binance Peg token. You will not find any liquidity on the mainnet to swap this token since you are the only holder of it. You need to bridge it back to BSC using the same bridge.

Oh… So what your saying is a bridge is not used to send the peeged version of a token from BSC back to Ethereum to its Original address form but to create a new pegged version of it. Well that pegged version is going to be useless to me. In that case I should of sent it back to and resend it as ERC20. The whole transition will of cost me more then $60.00 for $75.00 of token. Can you explain what a bridge is used for if not to send a token from on network to another in it proper address. I am somewhat new to all this and had read that Bridges can send token from one network to another.

First of all, just do not send this token (SHIBA INU from BSC (SHIB) Token Tracker | Etherscan) directly to Binance because you are risking loosing your funds. Use the bridge to move it back to BSC.

Ok… I had originally sent it through BSC from Binance so I should of resent it back to Binance instead of using Omni Bridge. Thanks for the info. I just thought that the idea of someone who had sent a token through the wrong network could use a bridge from their own wallet to send the token to the right token address on the original token format without actually leaving the wallet. Wonder if there was an option to input the original token address if that could work if the original transaction was also input or something like that.