Token Bridge 1.0.0-rc1 Release


This version finalises the work performed to migrate the TokenBridge from standalone repositories to one mono repository.

The repository includes the following component:

  • oracle
  • Dapp UI
  • monitor
  • oracle/UI/monitor deployment scripts
  • environment for comprehensive e2e testing, including deployment testing

The components were tested on the bridge contracts 3.1.0.

There are no major functionality improvements in comparison with the standalone repositories but the following set of fix and enhancements has been done:


  • Running UI in docker #102
  • Running the monitor in docker #109
  • Add support for oracle gas price values not expressed in gwei #142
  • Refactoring for the configuration parameter names for better usage in the mono repo context #198


  • Handle ‘nonce too low’ error message on oracle sender #99
  • Improve sender retry strategy #103
  • Increase of EXTRA_GAS_PERCENTAGE #108
  • Use mintedTotallyByBridge for bridge-ui statistics #135
  • Remove redis lock in oracle sender #137