Token Bridge 1.1.0 Release


The TokenBridge repository contains the code base for the following components:

  • Oracle
  • Monitor
  • UI

The recommended version of the TokenBridge contracts to be used with this release is 3.2.0.

The goal of the release is to address the issues (#234 and #235) found during testing of migration of xDai bridge validators to the monorepo.

The introduced changes do not require any special procedure or configuration parameters upgrade for migration of the TokenBridge components (Oracle, UI and Monitor) from the previous 1.0.0 release.


  • Add AMB monitor e2e tests #231
  • Optional ORACLE_LOG_LEVEL in the deployment configuration #234


  • Correct monitor path in crontab example #236
  • Remote logging for the transfer watcher and ability to define start block in the deployment #235
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