Token Bridge 2.0.0-rc0 Release


The TokenBridge repository contains the code base for the following components:

  • Oracle
  • Monitor
  • UI

The recommended version of the TokenBridge contracts to be used with this release is 4.0.0-rc0.

There are several important changes in this codebase:

  • the TokenBridge oracle is not compatible with the generic bridge contracts (native-to-erc20, erc20-to-erc20 and erc20-to-native) which are below the version 4.x of the contracts since the way to transfer collected signatures from the Home side to the Foreign side was replaced by a cheaper (from gas usage point of view) one.
  • there is a new feature available in this set of changes - “Multiple monitors on the same system” . The manual how to deploy several monitors can be found the deployment directory.
  • deployment of the oracle and monitor uses the docker images from the Docker Hub. So, the deployment of a new system requires less time and memory resources. It also potentially simplifies the upgrade procedure for the oracle and monitor.

Together with the pre-release 1.3.0-rc0 the following changes were introduced:


  • Support multiple bridges in one monitor #262
  • Use 3 validators in oracle e2e tests #264
  • Updated oracle watchers to use blob version of execute signatures #269
  • Add deployment test scenario 3 components on 1 host #277
  • Add ultimate e2e tests for AMB #285
  • Use oracle docker hub image for oracle deployment #280
  • Use monitor docker hub image for monitor deployment #284


  • Fix remote server loop var name in deployment #277
  • Add custom response for favicon resource in monitor #278
  • Update monitor check-all script to generate stuckTransfers statistics for v1 bridges #279


  • Security audit report provided by Quantstamp for TokenBridge contracts #263
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