Token Bridge 2.0.0 Release


The TokenBridge repository contains the code base for the following components:

  • Oracle
  • Monitor
  • UI

The recommended version of the TokenBridge contracts to be used with this release is 4.0.3.

The intent of the new code is to be used on the xDai bridge to allow earn interest with the Chai token (

The steps that are required to upgrade the TokenBridge Oracle from the previous 1.2.x and 1.3.x releases were implemented in form of a upgrade script.

Together with the pre-release 2.0.0-rc1 the following changes were introduced:


  • Oracle support for erc-to-native with Chai integrated #286
  • Support of Chai token by monitor in erc-to-native #287


  • Upgrade pip version in deployment common #296
  • Fix some of the possibles failure reasons in e2e tests #294
  • Removal of putting .env file into the docker image for monitor #289
  • Composer files to build oracle and monitor docker images #299
  • Correct handling of Chai to Dai swaps in oracle and monitor components #302