Token Bridge (mono repository) 1.0.0-rc0 Release


This is the first recommended version of the TokenBridge after migration to the mono repository.

The following token bridge components are verified to be deployed and run:

  • oracle
  • Dapp UI
  • monitor
  • oracle deployment scripts

The components were tested on the bridge contracts 2.3.2.

Starting from this revision all the work for maintanance and development of the token bridge components listed above will be done in the mono repository only. All new issues and feature requests must be opened in the new repository. The standalone repositories with the token bridge components will be archived soon.

There is no new functionality in this release in comparison with the standalone repositories but the following set of fix and improvements has been done:


  • Oracle and monitor uses ABIs compiled as part of the deployment step #71
  • Network ports in UI and monitor are configurable #76


  • Fix: correct file permissions in the docker-related logrotation config #51
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