Token is now worthless

I exchanged 17,000 usdc tokens for usdc on blockchain and tried to use them. When this happened I was informed the tokens had a value of zero. Is there a way to fix this or did I just lose all of my tokens.

Really need more details here in order to help you. What bridge did you use? Where did you transfer them? Can you share the tx hash?

I used OmniBridge.
Here’s the hash for the initial approval on the omni website.
And here’s the hash for when I sent it to SimpleSwap to make another exchange. 0x851462efabf63bb7c705306c9d4a03fae8f37d96d0bc14436036194d50830a58

  • I was using trust wallet to approve these transactions.

I seem to have same problem. I just posted a message on forum. Waiting to hear back.

Was this resolved ? If so how ? Any help would be helpful

Thanks much

No, nothing was resolved. I’m pretty sure that I just lost everything I tried to exchange. Hopefully you can recover your tokens though.