Token lmn ico help please

Hello, I am participating in the LMN ICO.
I have bought EWT to receive the TOKENS but they do not arrive even though the transfer has been made and I have 3 pending for gas, please I need support.
ID of transfer made
ID: 0xed01ff2fc5c306e06d2e30fbb0ea9241f2c94da79d4f66651f5f5c7d42430dfb

Pending transfers:
1: 0x1f18ace0fcfe3174292a23deb02f0620178bd2c8e6ef8d3593648b0a8c525e93

2: 0xff87ba3da61a2cf61a08d410e6ca6bf4e1ee6a07bbe714af81dfbbb9e2122412

3: 0x1f18ace0fcfe3174292a23deb02f0620178bd2c8e6ef8d3593648b0a8c525e93

Seems like this is out of the scope of this forum - not related to xDai nor POA