Token stuck EWT to EWTB

Hey, i sent 500 EWT to 500 EWTB 4 hours ago. It seems to be stuck in transaction somewhere.
What to do?

Perhaps you should ask the EWT PRoject team.

Please contact EWB team at or

Alexander, this happened to me as well. Keep me posted. I’m wondering if our money was stolen because it appears the EWT to EWTB conversion went to someone else’s wallet automatically. I have contacted the energy web team.

EWF told me this has happened due to increased gas fees on the Etherium network. So basicly the bridge has been clogged. The transaction will either go trough or be reverted. This will take some time.

IMU, What happens is that You initiate a swap between EWT to EWTB on POA. Your transaction goes through quickly on EWT network, but then it gets broadcasted to the ethereum network, until the tokens are successfully bridged or swap, it stays in some kind of storage account(escrow) in the middle. This way it its easier to rollback to index account. Right now ethreum network is clogged as f.

It happened to me if u sent it to MetaMask wallet Just create new network for Ewt and It will appear immediately