TokenBridge Contracts 2.3.0 Release


Besides supporting the bridge operation in three modes:

  • native coin to an bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a native coin.

This version of TokenBridge contracts provides an ability to take fees from the transfer of assets through the bridge and distribute them among the bridge validator. More details can be found here.

The following changes were included in this version:


  • ERC677 bridgeable token can be used by BlockReward contract #129, #153, #157
  • Add ERC677 support on foreign bridge in the erc20-to-erc20 bridge mode #177
  • Dynamic gas limit for the deployment/configuration transactions #178
  • Reward for the bridge validators #143
  • Native-to-ERC20 bridge with the Ethereum Classic as Home chain #156, #184
  • Support multiple evm versions #161, #181


  • Replace default web3 provider URL in .env.example #152
  • Upgrade Node.JS version to 10 #154
  • Avoid calling blockReward if zero value on the foreign transfer in the erc-to-native mode #165
  • Updating README with clarifications for usage FOREIGN_DAILY_LIMIT and FOREIGN_MAX_AMOUNT_PER_TX #172