TokenBridge Contracts 3.0.0 Release


This version of TokenBridge supports operations in four modes:

  • native coin to an bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a native coin;
  • relaying arbitrary messages (Arbitrary Message Bridging, AMB).

In order to get more details how to implement applications for AMB please refer to the manual “How to develop a cross-blockchain application by using AMB bridge”

The following changes were included


  • New bridge mode supporting relay of an arbitrary message #77
  • Support of different token decimals #268
  • Enhance setStakingContract function #274


  • Process validator’s reward accounts only when used in deploy script #272
  • Security update of project dependencies #276

Really exciting! This opens up lots more applications on sidechains!

Will these new bridge contracts be deployed to the existing POA chains?