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TokenBridge Contracts 3.2.0 Release


This version of TokenBridge supports operations in four modes:

  • native coin to an bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • an ERC20 token to a native coin;
  • relaying arbitrary messages (Arbitrary Message Bridging, AMB).

This release contains new two features:

The following changes were included:


  • Remove deployed at block information in mediators contracts #292
  • Use hex-identifiers directly instead of runtime hash calculation #303
  • Simplify mintReward function #304
  • Alternative receiver for TokenBridge transfer operations 295
  • Add method to migrate from SCD to MCD #311


  • Documentation typos #289 #290
  • setTotalSpentPerDay called twice in AMB-ERC-TO-ERC #309
  • Update interfaces version #314