TokenBridge Oracle 1.2.0 Release


The version of TokenBridge oracle supports operations in three modes:

  • Native-to-ERC20 to relay native coin to an bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • ERC20-to-ERC20 to relay an ERC20 token to a bridgeable ERC20 token;
  • ERC20-to-Native to relay an ERC20 token to a native coin.

The bridge contracts to be used with this version of the token bridge is 2.1.x.

It was deployed to serve the ETC-WETC bridge between the Ethereum Classic and the Ethereum Mainnet chains in Native-to-ERC20 mode. The special version a072da of the bridge contracts based on 2.2.0 with the Fee Manager feature added and adapted for Ethereum Classic environment was used.


  • Use ChainId on sender worker instead of NetworkId #136


  • README updates #130
  • Attack to the gas price oracle could lead to drying out of a validator balance #133
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