TokenBridge Roadmap 2019

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2019 Roadmap

The 2019 roadmap for TokenBridge contains a lot of improvements including a bridge for dPoS network, easier configuration and arbitrary message bridging .These improvements are summarized in the four sections below.

Run the Bridge for a dPoS network

The idea is to combine validators of the network with a dPoS consensus by utilizing the bridge validators: every validator will need to deploy both the network node + the bridge node. In this case, the bridge specific smart contracts on the mainnet need to get the list of bridge validators synchronized to capture when the set of validators in dPoS consensus is updated. An example of this is a new epoch appearing on a weekly basis.

Quick & Simple Bridge Configuration

Currently, there’s no easy way to change the configuration settings for a bridge or upgrade the bridge contracts. These types of actions require manual steps made with truffle and JS, that can often be quite draining. We plan on introducing an easy to use admin panel as part of the new Bridge UI, please see the following link for more details

Run Arbitrary Message Bridging (AMB)

Arbitrary Message Bridging (AMB) is a new mode for the bridge that is being developed now to enable the transfer of any message from one network to another. This means DApps could use it to synchronize states of their contracts in different networks. A great use case for this would be to implement erc721 transfers between networks.

Run Existing POA Bridges with AMB

The existing interoperability solutions in the form of POA Bridges will be integrated with AMB resulting in variety of new use cases. This way we take advantage of the fact that POA Bridges provide an interface that users and developers are quite familiar with already.