Transaction has failed please retry

Hello I have tryed to deploy a token however now im stuck at “Register finalaze agent contact addresses”
Its just stuck there and when i refresh the page i can see in the right top corner a notification appears “transaction has failed please retry”.
There is a “Skip transaction” button at the bottom and it gives me a warning:
Are you sure you want to skip the transaction? This can leave the whole crowdsale in an invalid state, only do this if you are sure of what you are doing. YES NO

What can i do about this issue? i see no failed transactions in my metamask, i do see one but it was dropped because i clicked speed up so no issue there a new one was set in place with more gas.

Iv been paying from this ETH address


I do not have too much knowledge about the process but here is the failed and dropped transcations:
Dropped one:

And Failed one


Actually, we do not recommend to increase the gas price through MetaMask, because it can break the deployment process. This action can cause the issue, that you have.

I have checked, that actually you have already successfully registered Finalize agent contract address in this tx. Thus, you can safely skip this transaction and continue deployment process.

Hi, thanks for the reply i was not aware of that so it was my mistake… it all went as you said it asked me 2 more times to skip so i did… im now stuck here with these errors?
Any solutions?

i saw people used “hide container” so i did that too… here is the error im getting

Seems to have worked! Can you check if all is ok?
Btw what address do people use to invest?
If person X wants to buy they click contribute and use the token address or the crowdsale address?


“If you don’t have Metamask, you can send ethers to the crowdsale address with a MethodID: 0xa6f2ae3a.”