Transaction problem

please can someone help me make ETC transaction from wallet to another wallet before 2 months ago but stilll pending coins not arrived Transaction 0x358687b8d2f3cb649ae1e900d249db259c01f72a251a30b2695a099a0a1473d9 - Ethereum Classic Explorer this is the address to that i make my transaction 0x78ce5D8D64784dd7d48131cAc9219E0234D4F726

This transaction: 0x358687b8d2f3cb649ae1e900d249db259c01f72a251a30b2695a099a0a1473d9 seems to be processed successfully. Double check your wallet.
Also, this forum is for xDai and POA networks and only for the xDai BlockScout instance. ETC is not supported here, you have to contact directly them.


I sent DAI from meta-mask wallet to my Binance account and transaction is completed but assets didn’t arrive. Can some one help me pls.

You have to contact Energy Web team / Binance for help. This forum is for xDai and POA projects.