Transaction Stuck Pending, Won’t Speed-up, Cancel or Appear on Explorer


I have a transaction that has been pending for 2 days now. It shows as pending in MetaMask but fails to appear on the block explorer. When attempting to cancel, I get an error message (attached) and when I try to speed-up, nothing happens at all.

My wallet is: 0xAfabCe9CB2bD6c91e5A5FBcb6a8601f49fe3495c

Am I missing something obvious here? Is this one for MetaMask support? Thanks.

The address you posted above shows a transaction left about 6 hours prior to this reply, just about the same time you made your above post. Take a look at BlockScout and verify that this is the transaction referenced above. Here is the BlockScout link:

Is this the transaction you are looking for?

You should try to “Reset Account” in Metamask