Truffle deployment problem


trying to deploy complex project on POA Network (both Sokol and Core) I’ve encountered issue similar to following:

Is it possible that You have similar problems?

When I’ve added pauses between all operations it deployed correctly on core, but still hangs on sokol

I suess it might be related to nonce, looks like there are pending transactions with too high nonce and it hangs waiting for the one with lower nonce

Here is my project

theree are two branches
master - with original script
delayedDeployment - with 10 sec delay added after every operation

Can anyone download and check?

Original script (main branch)
works just fine on ropsten

so there is no error in script itself

Hi, which version of Truffle are you using to deploy?

thank You for replay
versions below

adam@adam-VirtualBox:~/Desktop/Projekty/GovernanceContracts$ truffle version
Truffle v4.1.11 (core: 4.1.11)
Solidity v0.4.24 (solc-js)
adam@adam-VirtualBox:~/Desktop/Projekty/GovernanceContracts$ node -v
adam@adam-VirtualBox:~/Desktop/Projekty/GovernanceContracts$ npm -v

Also I’ve managed to deploy it on POA CORE (after migration script simplification)

Still do not work on Sokol.

I guess it might have something in common with cloudflare threading truffic as spam attack and blocking it