Try to send DAI to coinbase, but not work

Hi everyone

I am trying to send my DAI in the palm network to Coinbase using Metamask.
I follow instructions in Coinbase to send it to my wallet there.
The transfer is successful in this link: Transaction 0x20ab80755b24e6cec3c1d5bd8497df8bb3f30d900b305a7d4142b4fa1cc66765 - Palm Explorer

But I didn’t receive the DAI in my Coinbase account.

Then I realize I have to use Palm Bridge to send the DAI to exchange. My Bad.
It seems my transaction is sent to an unknown address and stuck.

Can you revert the transaction?

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Hi, I’m in the same situation as you and I don’t know how to solve it either :cry: :cry:

No one can revert this transaction. Only one who can help you here is Coinbase.