Trying to figure out a good starting point for developing a sidechain

I’m trying to build a sidechain. but there doesn’t seem to be any repos been making explicitly obvious what the node software is & what the validator smart contracts are.

I think my best bet is to almost start with something that I know is a fully open source blockchain with smart contract capabilities evm and then from there try to figure out the code that’s actually running the nodes . Then what I’ll do is add the RPC calls that I need it to refer to the parent chain.

I’ve got a really clever way of stabilizing token distribution and that’s good for proof of stake only problem is I can’t actually build a sidechain and it’s not as easy as I thought it was it’s not something I can just copy and paste because most people don’t take this route when they built side chains. Basing it off of proof of stake that is.

Why not to use existing sidechains like POA Core or xDai Stable Chain?


existing repos?
or the implementations currently running?

Existing Repos: I guess I simply don’t understand all the components I’m looking at. Everything might be right in front of me, but I really don’t know what I’m looking at. I may have to pay someone to hold my hand and walk me through the code.

Existing Implementations: What I’m working on now is a “token based” scaling solution. One side of that is about the smart contracts on the parent chain (starting with ETH), the other side of that is the node software. It’s not that I want to build something on a sidechain, it’s that I believe I’ve found the perfect way to stabalize sidechains in a decentralized manner.

Sounds like you may be interested in a bridging solution, not a sidechain. Take a look at the main POA Network website for more information.

Good luck with your studies and your solution!

I don’t want to “transfer tokens between Ethereum chains”

The purpose of this token is to serve as the staking asset for a sidechain.

The beauty about this token (resolve token) is that it has a very resilient distribution property.
It’s VERY difficult to compromise the supply.
So if I can build a sidechain that reads off of a parent chain, then I can achieve stability in the sidechain.

One side of that is about the smart contracts on the parent chain (starting with ETH), the other side of that is the node software

Sounds like xDai where locked erc20 tokens of Dai on mainnet create native tokens on sidechain which can be used for everything Ether is used on mainnet.

If you’d like to set up a network like xDai please take a look at the instruction here It’s a bit outdated.

There are several partners of POA which provide professional services, e.g., deployment of new sidechains. R&D Partners of POA Team

take a look at our new staking sidechain POSDAO white paper

If you’d like to run it there is a repo with integration tests which will setup a network like this on your computer

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Thanks. This POSDAO looks like the direction I needed. I’ll read through it

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coming back around to this. Looks like it’s been update quite a bit.

I’m sure it’s still relevant.

My goal is for the erc to be used as the staking asset for securing the network. and I think eth/wrapped-eth for the transaction fees.

I’ll try to follow along to the best of my abilities

If I’m understanding this all correctly, it looks like using the azure service is mandatory.

I decided to just launch the smart contract

I will try to build a sidechain for it later

Cool. Just read the idea.
Btw, let’s deploy it on POA/ xDai?