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Tutorial for deploying ERC20-ERC20 bridge on xDai?

I tried out Austin Griffith’s burner wallet on xdai and was really impressed with how fast the network ran.

Is it possible to deploy my ERC20 token COLR to the xdai network - how would I go about setting up a bridge? I would like users to be able to use a burner wallet to interact with xCOLR on the xDai network - but I’m not sure if I understand everything correctly - is such a thing even possible?

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Welcome to the forum!
We invite you to try our new type of bridge (Arbitrary Message Bridge). Using AMB you can transfer any tokens between two networks.

The bridge is already deployed.
You need to make contracts for your token and deploy them on both sides.
Here is an example for sUSD token https://docs.tokenbridge.net/eth-xdai-amb-bridge/susd-bridge-extension and GEN token https://docs.tokenbridge.net/eth-xdai-amb-bridge/gen-xgen-bridge-extension

Read more about AMB https://docs.tokenbridge.net/amb-bridge/about-amb-bridge

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