Two new proposals - Voting Needed

Hello there, there are two new proposals (Both relating to adding John’s keys/addresses) to consensus. Please take a look and vote. Thanks, Jeff

My vote is complete.

Why do voting and payout addresses require different votes? Also what about mining address?

I’ve tried voting, but it complained about insufficient balance on my voting account

Is the expectation that user moves some of the mined ETH from payout account to voting account?

Also clicking on Reject I get an out of place error message:


Best, Michael

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Ok, moved 100 ETH from Payout to Voting account in Metamask. Tried voting again, but now I get straight to the error message even though my vote has previously failed and still registers as unanswered.

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Upon recycling Chrome it did work, so there is a transient bug where voting will fail within the same Chrome instance if it previously failed due to insufficient funds in the Voting account.

Voted on both seemingly related issues. I’d expect them to be combined to a single vote.

Also, after I voted, it still showed the Vote Now button. Is the expectation that I can change my vote up to the deadline?

+1 on needing a better way to list votes. Only 2-3 cards fit into the browser vertically, and after voting on the first issue, both went to the bottom and hard to discover. What I’m expected to vote on should be at the top of the list. Please consider UX where inventory of votes is listed on the left as a TOC and clicking on one jumps to the right card.


Glad it’s working - as for the mining address, I believe that it is needed for ballot creation. Also, I think that John’s was apart of the DApp already - just not the other two for some reason.

thank you for your comments, we’ll update the UI. Here is the new view:

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