Unable to Unwrap xdai

Hello on my xdai Wallet Address it’s showing 190.84 wxdai tokens. But I’m unable to swap on Honeyswap.
Also Wxdai balance on Metamask is zero.
Here are details:-

Address- 0x2e036f0f906CE191C2cAF955147F5E70FB402E43

Transaction hash -

You don’t have wxDai tokens on your account so you can’t unwrap it.
BlockScout is showing incorrect data for your balance. We are looking into it.

Will you please get back to me regarding this issue?

Regarding Blockscout? Yes, we will prepare a fix for the display of token balance and I will notify you. It will take approximately several days. Maybe more. However, As Igor said, your actual wxdai token balance is 0. And after the fix in Blockscout, you will see that 0 in the explorer.

xDai Blockscout instance patched with on-demand token balance fetcher and now 0 balance is shown for that address as it should be.

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I think I may having this same issue. I don’t think I have WXDAI. It doesn’t show in my wallet, but it does appear on BlockScout.