Unable to verify contract

Hello, I have tried all the tricks to get the verification to work, but I am still getting hit with:

Sorry! The Compiled Contract ByteCode for ‘CrowdsaleTokenExt’ does NOT match the Contract Creation Code for Address 0xE824ccfd8a0A24522c70ECBc4008026433D5e40f.
Found the following ContractName(s) in source code: CrowdsaleTokenExt, ERC20, ERC20Basic, MintableTokenExt, Ownable, ReleasableToken, SafeMath, SafeMathLibExt, StandardToken, UpgradeAgent, UpgradeableToken.

The SafeMathLibExt worked fine, but the others do not work.

Any help?

Any other details you need from me?

Did you follow this guide https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/wiki/Token-Wizard-Verifying-Contracts?

Are your filled inputs look like as in the screenshots from the guide?

Hello, we got the same problem with verifying as @LeisureCoin. Any help? Did You come up with solution?

What is your problem? Are your filled inputs look like as in the screenshots from the guide? Attach your screenshot, if yes.

Whe have followed the guide step by step, many times…

I mean a screenshot before you clicked “Verify” button


Actually your last screenshot doesn’t match screenshot from the guide: there is no colon before SafeMathLibExt lib in the guide.

Whoopsie…You’re right! Thanks a lot, I must have followed an older guide. Its working now. Once again, thanks!

how can i set my token to self drop?

i want it to be possible that when people send eth to my contract address. they recieve equivalent tokens to their ether wallet

help please

my mail