Unauthorised Transfer

Hi i am looking for some help. I logged in to my trust wallet account for the first time in a couple of weeks on the weekend to discover that i have a zero balance. I have to say i have very little knowledge of how this all works. I simply transfered it there because Coinspot the company i was using stopped supporting it. MY understanding was that i needed to transfer it to Coinspot then convert it to DAI.

Basicially looking at my account a single transaction was created and the 18k of coin that was in my account has all gone. When i click on the link it says the Authenticator is @ajkagy but the truth is i dont really understand what that means.

Any help would be appreciated and i am happy to offer a reward to anyone that can help me recover my funds.

Did you make this transaction? If not, then it seems like your wallet was compromised and you should immediately stop using it.

Sounds like you are confused; if you provide the following information it may help understand your situation.

Please label and paste both your Trust Wallet POA and Ethereum public addresses here for review. You say you see a single Transaction. What is your Transaction ID? Please paste it here in plain text for review. Thanks!

I’ll re-iterate with Mojmir says. If you did not intend to initiate that transaction from your wallet, then your seed, private key or something in your wallet was compromised. If you can post the transaction hash, one of us can look to see where those coins actually went.

Hi @ajkagy @1proof i really am new to this so i dont have a great idea. I can tell you 100% that i did not do the transaction and i see no way that private key could be known by anyone. Beloq is the transaction hash.


You can follow the string of Transactions, starting here:

I asked you to provide your Ethereum Address as well to help check, which you did not. If you have lost control of your Recovery Phrase, someone is probably draining (or has finished draining) all of your assets. You need to create a new Trust Wallet, transfer remaining assets (if any) to your new wallet, safely store your new recovery phrase (ideally on paper and in at least two places), and never share your Recovery Phrase. Sorry for your loss, hopefully you will be more careful with your recovery phrase in the future. Please end this message thread.

Hi @1proof there is no way anyone can get my recovery phrase. POA was the only asset that i had. So you think that someone has stolen it. I did not put the Eurotherm address because i have never had it as an asset.

I also do not understand why the name @ajkagy apears on teh transaction? I just have no idea how this has happened?