Unity / Other Game Engine Support

My team and I are designing and developing a card-based strategy game about collecting, trading, and battling cricket player cards, represented by NFTs. We wanted to know if you currently offered a Unity-POA bridge for game developers. If no, is this on the roadmap given that you mention the ability to use POA to build highly scalable games? If not Unity, do you support any other game engines?

Hello! What part of your game would you like to run on the blockchain, and which part will run on your own front-end / back-end servers? If you have code built to deploy to Etheruem or Ropsten, you can deploy that same code on POA Network today! Here is an excellent resource to review, including multiple examples and an excellent video tutorial from DApp University on Deploying your DApp to POA Network:

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Thanks for the reply 1proof. We will go through the materials you have provided and let you know in case we have follow-up questions.

i started for the ethereal hackathon a Unity Port for galleass.io , but dit not success within the timeframe of 1 week. it’s a hackathon project that does not really follow best practice. i would love to spent more time on it. It uses the Nethereum library to interact with Ethereum project. The Nethereum Lib comes with regular .net support and has a Unity binding as well. i dit not use the specialized Unity support, because i ran into troubles for using it. Now i want to port it back to those unity libraries and downgrade the used .net version as well the used unity version. https://github.com/SurfingNerd/Galleass3D