Universal, ondemand TokenBridge?

I’m curious about whether it would be possible to have an “universal” TokenBridge, allowing for various ERC20 tokens to be added on demand, for a fee in POA. This universal TokenBridge could be controlled by POA validators, a transfer from POA Network to ETH also coming with a slight POA fee.


  • ERC20 to ERC20 TokenBridges have fantastic value proposition, but their reliability only goes as far as the reputation of the bridge maintainer(s).
  • lone developers and small teams don’t always have the clout to guarantee safety.
  • POA validators are already staking their reputation.

=> The reputation of POA validators could be leveraged for the purpose of an universal TokenBridge.
Adding fees to both listings and transfers could prevent spam, as well as drive some extra demand for the POA token.
It would also make the bridge more accessible to less knowledgeable dapp developers.

…I fall in the last camp, so, I’m not even sure if this suggestion makes sense from a technical standpoint. But I would love to use such a bridge if it existed!

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There is a proposal by Colu project

It’s possible now to have multiple erc20-to-erc20 pairs with one set of validators.
Which token pairs do you think to bridge for your use case?

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Very cool!

My planned use cases would be (for example): a game dapp on the POA Network where users would mint tokens as they play, in a similar manner to the Eos and Tron casinos out there.

Then, they could transfer these tokens to a corresponding ERC20 contract on Ethereum Mainnet, as to benefit from greater liquidity (decentralized exchanges).

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The bridge could be used for it.
We’d happy to participate as a validator on it.

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That’s fantastic to hear! I will get on building the dapp then, and come back to this when everything else is ready. :slight_smile:

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