Update enode list on xDai

Dear @xdai-validators who running Parity-Ethereum v2.7.2,

(Anyblock Analytics, Burner Wallet, Galtproject, Gnosis, Lab10, MakerDAO, Portis, Syncnode)

We need to update enode list as the current list on your nodes is a bit obsolete. For that, we need to update spec.json and bootnodes.txt files. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your node through SSH.

  2. Stop parity service:

    sudo systemctl stop poa-parity
  3. Switch to home directory:

    cd /home/validator

    output should be

  4. Create backups of spec.json and bootnodes.txt files:

    sudo mkdir backups-spec
    BKPFLDR="backups-spec/$(date '+%Y%m%dT%H%M%S' -u)"
    sudo mkdir -p "$BKPFLDR"
    sudo mv spec.json bootnodes.txt "$BKPFLDR"
  5. Switch to validator user:

    sudo -i -u validator
  6. Download new spec.json file from our repo:

    curl -LO ''
  7. Download new bootnodes.txt file from our repo:

    curl -LO ''
  8. Login back to sudo-enabled user:

  9. Restart services:

    sudo systemctl start poa-parity && sleep 10 && sudo systemctl restart poa-netstats
  10. Check that your node is green in Netstats (this may take a couple of minutes).

  11. Wait to see if your node produces new blocks:

Thank you


Anyblock Analytics updated :slight_smile:

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Syncnode updated as instructed

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Gnosis updated and running

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Maker updated and running

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