Update kovan to parity 2.4.7

Dear @kovan-validators ,
Parity has released stable version 2.4.7 , we suggest to update parity binaries on the nodes of Kovan network.
POA has updated its validator and bootnodes a few days ago and didn’t find any new issues so far.

Since this is the first time we do this kind of update, we propose to do it one-by-one (say, in alphabetical order, so starting with Lab10 @tze42 ) to minimize possible downtime:

  • Lab10
  • PepperSec
  • POA
  • Polymath

You can use our ansible playbook to run the update - on step 2 you would need to set GENESIS_BRANCH to "kovan".
Please post questions/issues below or in the private support forum if you have any.

NOTE: after restart you may encounter a known parity bug, see more info and how to restore blockchain database in https://forum.poa.network/t/update-parity-version/2663

Thank you

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Polymath.network Updated the parity version.

lab10 will update either tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Looks like we missed just a single block, worked fast and without an issue with the Ansible playbook. lab10 is now at 2.4.7 and synchronized with the chain.

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@rstorm please update PepperSec kovan node

I updated and hit some issues :frowning: PM’ed @phahulin

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@phahulin let’s install a custom build on rstorm’s node

Ok @rstorm ‘s node is fixed now