Update OpenEthereum to v3.3.0-rc.13 on POA Core for London hard fork

Hi @poa-validators,

We released OpenEthereum v3.3.0-rc.13 that contains the latest spec for POA Core chain with a transition block number to activate London hard fork on November 2. Block number is 24090200. Please, upgrade your node changing the image config parameter in your docker-compose.yml as follows:

image: openethereum/openethereum:v3.3.0-rc.13

and please make sure your docker-compose.yml has --chain=poacore parameter.

Then restart the node with

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

There are only three days to do this. Thank you!

P.S. If you are running Nethermind, please launch OpenEthereum v3.3.0-rc.13 instead, using the instruction GitHub - poanetwork/validator-node-dockerized: How to launch validator node with Docker Compose


Core validator updated to v.3.3.0-rc.13.



All POA Core Validator Nodes, Bootnodes, RPC and Archive Nodes have been updated to
OpenEthereum//v3.3.0-rc.13 or Nethermind/v1.11.6 in support of the London Hard Fork. All nodes are online and processing blocks, with block times at the optimal 5 seconds. This update has completed successfully.