Update OpenEthereum to v3.3.0-rc.14 on POA Core to set min base fee to 10 GWei

Hello @poa-validators,

We released OpenEthereum v3.3.0-rc.14 that contains the latest spec for POA Core chain with a transition block number to set min base fee to 10 GWei on November 8. Block number is 24199500. Please, upgrade your node changing the image config parameter in your docker-compose.yml as follows:

image: openethereum/openethereum:v3.3.0-rc.14

and please make sure your docker-compose.yml has --chain=poacore parameter.

Then restart the node with

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Thank you!


@varasev, updated to rc.14. Wasn’t it already at 10 GWei? image

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For London HF it needs to be defined explicitly through spec.

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