Updated Geth Client commands for connecting with AWS Marketplace instance

I have been trying for a few days to connect my private chain running 5 geth archive nodes to a blockscout instance with no luck. No transactions ever show up and on the AWS Marketplace instance, I get a 502 Bad Gateway error 4/5 reloads.

I am guessing I am using the wrong commands for the geth node as the docs reference some very depreciated commands or maybe I have to use SSL for my node RPC?

The private clique chain network runs fine and I can do transactions using metamask.

Here is what I am using now:
geth --datadir=$pwd --syncmode β€˜full’ --gcmode archive --port 30310 --http --http.addr --http.port 8545 --http.corsdomain β€˜β€™ --http.vhosts '’ --http.api clique,debug,eth,net,txpool,web3 --ws --ws.port 8546 --ws.api clique,eth,net,web3,debug,txpool β€˜β€™ --graphql --graphql.corsdomain '’ --graphql.vhosts β€˜*’

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, there is a very active BlockScout channel in xDai Discord. You can try writing also there, maybe someone from the community is able to advise.

Here is the invite to the server: xDai and friends

Thanks! I will post a message there…

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