Upgrade Nethermind to 1.10.77

Hello @poa-validators,

It was recently found that Nethermind client has an issue Transactions that revert with binary data reasons do not return the data -- this breaks gnosis safe relaying · Issue #3207 · NethermindEth/nethermind · GitHub which doesn’t let Gnosis Safe to work properly on Sokol chain.

The issue was fixed today in Nethermind 1.10.77.

Please, upgrade your node to the latest Nethermind version performing these simple commands:

docker pull nethermind/nethermind:latest
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Thank you!


Done both my validator and boot nodes.

Best, MM


I noticed that the sokol archive node (https://sokol-archive.blockscout.com) has not been updated yet to 1.0.77. Would be be possible to get this upgraded as well?

Sure, we will upgrade it soon.

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There are still issues with the XDAI RPC nodes. https://rpc.xdaichain.com/ is running ver 1.10.73 of Nethermind and the archive node for xdai, https://xdai.poanetwork.dev/ is running ver 1.10.75 of Nethermind, and the archive node, https://xdai-archive.blockscout.com, is still running Open ethereum. Could we get this addressed?


I haven’t checked the POA RPC nodes, but probably someone should double check those too…

Hey, thanks for pointing this out! RPC nodes are now updated to 1.10.79.

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Updated both Sokol bootnode and validator to 1.10.79.


It’s been quite awhile since you originally posted this, but I noticed that the xDai archive node, https://xdai-archive.blockscout.com, is still running OpenEthereum. When do you anticipate it will be updated to Nethermind?

We are not going to update it to Nethermind since part of the nodes should work on OpenEthereum for client diversity. We recently upgraded OpenEthereum to make it support London hard fork on xDai POSDAO.

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Would you be open to adding a Nethermind archive node (in addition to the OE one) so there are two different clients offering the same service? Dapps like ours that rely on deep subgraph indexing would benefit from having some choices for endpoints.

@christse Can you please clarify what DApp you represent?