Upvoting MetaMask POA support request

Guys, please upvote https://github.com/MetaMask/metamask-extension/pull/2815, so POA users can use this great wallet without needing to connect it to a custom network RPC endpoint. Roman has had the PR outstanding for a while now, so let’s show some user demand :slight_smile: There are only 9 votes so far.



Thank you, Michael!
It will be great to have POA in MM…

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You got it! All Github all the time…

Recommend we also ask on our two main Telegram channels. There are thousands of POA stakeholders there. We might be able to generate hundreds of likes.

Happy to drive if we agree on tapping into those communities for support.


I asked in the main telegram today and nobody upvoted or commented…

Guess it’s stuck in a committee.
Upvoted as much as I could, but only have so many Github accounts…

There is a healthy discussion happening between Roman and MM core devs, so the attention to the GitHub issue helped. Now, let’s see how it plays out before generating more public pressure.

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