USDC from BSC sent to XDAI... only metamask and honeyswap sees my balance


I used xdai bridge to take USDC from my metamask on BSC to XDai network.
I added the custom token to my metamask wallet under contract: 0xD10Cc63531a514BBa7789682E487Add1f15A51E2

The amount shows in my metamask on XDai network… but the only other site that shows my balance is Honeyswap. All other sites such as
“” or “omni.xdaichain bridge” are showing my USDC (bsc) balance as 0…

Any idea why?

theres no liquidity to swap it for xdai or usdc without a big “price impact too high” loss, and i can’t send it back to BSC…

Can someone help me please?

Please double check the You can swap here your Binance Peg USDC without a big slippage. You have added correct custom token to your wallet, do you have xDai for the gas? (Faucet | If you are unable to use Component, what is the error you are getting?

I used a faucet to get XDai for gas
But for eomse reason kept showing my Binance Peg USDC as 0
even though honeyswap / metamask shows my balance properly…

Has anyone encountered this?