Validator Meeting Summary - 02/03/2018

Here is my ( not exhaustive ) summary of Validator Meeting Summary - 02/03/2018:

Nice to meet and greet. We have a solid diverse team of Validators.

Primary responsibility of Validator is to secure the network.

Needs Validator Guide/Playbook for “sunny day” operations which includes Best Practices for:

  • Security

    • Securing Your Keys
    • Node Monitoring ( How to ensure node is healthy )
    • Tools for monitoring your node ( Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean, Thirdparty tools )
    • Redundancy ( i.e. back-up Validator node )
    • Denial of Service Protection
    • Protocol if one notices subset of Validator nodes unavailable.
    • Network metrics and/or events that trigger Emergency Protocols/Playbook
  • Network Operations Communication

    • Channels to be used and escalation path for normal operations ( upgrades, etc … )
    • Channels to be used and escalation path for emergency situations
  • Governance Communication Channels/Protocols

    • New Ballots
    • Voting Reminders
      -etc …

Needs Validator Guide/Playbook for Emergency operations:

  • Business Continuity
    • (?)
  • Disaster Recovery
    • (?)

Much of the above should be captured in wiki.

Apologies if I missed something. Encourage all Validators who have an area of expertise for above or topic of your choice, please create a Forum topic and provide guidance. If you have a questions one can also create a topic like “How do I best secure my keys?” or “What should a Validator do if … happens?”

We agreed to have a standing meeting bi-weekly which puts our next meeting in the 2/15 - 2/20 time window.

I propose Mon. 2/19/2018 @ 6PM PST



Great summary. I started a thread specific to Scalable, extensible, and robust POA monitoring.


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