Very long transaction time


I wanted to send few transactions on POA Core.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

I checked on blockscout if there any congestion/spam => none.
But when checking last transactions, I saw an average of 11.5 minutes to mine.

If this issue known ? Why does this happen ?


It seems to work now.

But to prove what I’m saying :

It’s a bit scary if it happens sometimes. If there a way to prevent it ? Perhaps send my transaction through a full node that I manage ?

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The problem occus again … very scary !

Try to increase gas price. What it is btw?
Likely validators don’t accept your tx because it’s below their threshold.

Hi Igor

Please check last transactions for all blocks.

The behavior is very very strange.

Also, I don’t talk about my transactions specicaly, but almost all transactions which are mining got a “10+ min delay”.

Some transaction got <5 sec (normal behavior). All have 1gwei.
I will try with an higher gas price, but I still continue to think that the behavior is not normal.

I see. Could you please specify your tx and the gas fee you used?

I just wanted to clarify that if “10+ min delay” is what you see in Blockscout it doesn’t actually a mining time of the transaction but rather the time between transaction origination and the insertion of “mined” status to Blockscout DB. In the ideal case, it should match mining time. But in some edge cases, it will not match. We recently executed a heavy migration on POA Core Blockscout instance in order to install a new release and there are thousands of blocks were accumulated into the queue for retrieving of traces of them in order to finish indexing of those blocks. Fetching the traces is a heavy operation from both the archive node and DB perspectives, thus it can influence the performance of the Blockscout instance. In our estimations, those blocks will be processed during the next 24 hours. And after that, Blockscout instance will be stabilized. Anyways, this issue doesn’t affect a real mining time of the transaction, that should be ~5 seconds.

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Ok got it.

But I experienced a lot of strange behavior today.
Clearly, I just used blockscout to check transaction mining.

I currently experience it on my app.
I need to dig into the log and check what happen

I pay gas 1gwei and it always worked.
Some validators validate transaction with a higher gas price ? Because, clearly, blocks are far from full.



I got this :
core.js:9110 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Failed to check for transaction receipt:

Seems there’s an issue to get feedback from the node.
We use

I’ll dig more deeply tomorrow.

The past few days I have been having problems connecting to via MetaMask. It is timing out. It is working ok in Nifty wallet in Chrome and Trust wallet on IOS.

We recently migrated to a DNS-based load balancer.
There should’ve been 4 RPC servers with the same A record behind Cloudflare

I just made a quick load test with 10 concurrent connections and 4k requests to check health.

Here are results:

Concurrency Level 10
Time taken for tests 173.3 seconds
Total requests 4000
Successful requests 3998
Failed requests 2
Requests per second 23.08 [#/sec]
Median time per request 406ms
Average time per request 428ms
Sample standard deviation 140ms

Concurrency Level 10
Time taken for tests 189.1 seconds
Total requests 4000
Successful requests 3995
Failed requests 5
Requests per second 21.15 [#/sec]
Median time per request 446ms
Average time per request 469ms
Sample standard deviation 162ms

Concurrency Level 10
Time taken for tests 147.6 seconds
Total requests 4000
Successful requests 3996
Failed requests 4
Requests per second 27.10 [#/sec]
Median time per request 333ms
Average time per request 365ms
Sample standard deviation 138ms

and the fourth instance, unfortunately, didn’t work.
Thus, it might be the one that created delays for you guys.
I removed it from the load balancer and will add a working one later today.


Thanks Igor…It is working much better now :slight_smile:


Hi @igorbarinov I’dont know if it’s linked

but I’cant do anything with my DAPP on POA core since 2 days

I always get Error: Looks like you disabled ancient block download, unfortunately the information you’re trying to fetch doesn’t exist in the db and is probably in the ancient blocks.

Thanks a lot for your help.

do you have --no-ancient-blocks setting enabled?

nop i’am not the owner of the node , I use

could you check please if you have the issue now?

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Some transactions passed but for the most part I got “Transaction gas price supplied is too low. There is another transaction with same nonce in the queue. Try increasing the gas price or incrementing the nonce.”

Please try to set 5 GWei and test

looks like all transaction are good now (before I set the gasPrice to 5 GWei.

Thanks for help

(by the way I got the same issue on sokol (not fixed yet))

Again thank’s