Voting Needed - New Proposal

Hi everyone,

Please check out the latest proposal to move the prior proposal affecting John’s keys into consensus.

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“Proposal to move the prior proposals affecting John LeGassic’s keys (payout and voting) into (new) consensus.”

What is the new consensus? How is our voting triggering the action?

Thanks, MM

Hi there. From my understanding:

There was a slight bug with regard to the code. Requiring a change, so in order that this change and subsequent addition of Johns info be fully transparent and above board - we are being asked to explicitly recognize this via a new proposal.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for explanation. Voted.

I went to vote, connected to the testnet oracles meta mask option, and when I came to the voting page there were no issues to vote on. Did the voting timeframe expire? Or am I not doing something right?

Hi there. Yeah, maybe the 48 hours window is a bit too aggressive. Could a variable window or a couple of recommended windows be a potential user selectable field. Perhaps for low value functions - 48 hours, higher value (like removal of a member) give five days?

What do people think of this?

It’s common to give at least 5 business days on reviews of new issues. Unless there is a huge urgency, I wouldn’t set to less than that. There is also the factor of motivating people to vote. Would it make sense to have voting be rewarded with ORC tokens, where the reward value drops exponentially with time? That might motivate validators to vote sooner.

Best, Michael

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Personally love this. Although I can see the complexity of implementation may be too much. Perhaps some level of gamification in the future though?..,

At the moment with have fixed 48 hours frame and it’s not very convenient from the development point of view. We will have the parameter as a custom parameter with the new chain.

I’d like to collect more feedback from validators about governance and create a poll.

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