Voting Question for the Dev Teams

A question has arisen regarding the nuts and bolts behind the voting process.

At the moment on the Sokol network, a ballot states, “Minimum 4 from 16 validators is required to pass the proposal”

Does this mean if there were 4 Yes Votes but 5 No Votes - does this mean that the ballot fails to be added to consensus? Can we get a logic map of the current system?

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the result is NO.
Why the ballot should be yes :slight_smile:


Thank you.

The wording is sufficiently obfuscated that one could interpret as meaning that 4 Votes and the ballot is a go. I just don’t wish to assume.

With that said, we had a meeting earlier today (Sat Feb 24 2018) and may be requesting some changes of ballot types and actions. The meeting notes and further discussions forthcoming and once these are more fleshed out - they will be formally advanced.

But in the meantime, perhaps you could talk about the complexity of adding abstention as a voting choice, as well as the possibility of ranked choice voting.

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