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Nifty Wallet

Nifty Wallet provides an easy way to access the POA Network and other Ethereum based networks, and interact with compatible Ethereum Chain Distributed Applications (DApps) through the browser.

In addition, it blocks malicious sites and keeps wallet keys secure within the application.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Install the extension for your browser.
    Google Chrome
    Compatible with Google Chrome v59.0.3071.115 or later.

  2. Click on the purple app icon in your browser to open the application. 1nifty_icon.png

  3. Setup your Nifty Wallet account.
    Note: if you already have Nifty Wallet setup, skip to step #4.

a . The first time you open the program, a pop-up window will appear. Click the Accept button to continue.

b. Create a new account with a secure password (or import existing account)
Note: If you have already a Nifty Wallet account you can import it by clicking on Import Existing DEN , enter your secret 12 word phrase, and create a new password.
c . Save the 12 word backup phrase somewhere safe. You now have a brand new Ethereum wallet created for you called Account 1 !

  • To Change the Account Name: Hover over Account 1 and you will see an edit link. Click this link, change the name, and click Save button.

  • To interact with your wallet: Click on the 3 dots to the right of the account name to copy the full address, check transactions on POA Explorer, and more.

  1. Connect to the POA Network.
    Nifty defaults to the POA network. To switch networks, follow the instructions below.

a. Click on the App Icon in your browser to open the interface. 1nifty_icon.png

b. In the upper left corner, you will see a dropdown menu. By default, Nifty Wallet will be connected to the POA Network.

c . To Switch Networks:

i. Click on POA Network in the top left.

ii. Select a Network from the dropdown.

Note: To interact with POA20 tokens, you will connect to the main Ethereum Network.

Importing an Account

  1. Click the Account Icon in the upper right corner to open a dropdown menu.
  2. Select Import Account.

There are several types of accounts you are able to import.

  1. Select Private Key, JSON File, Contract or Proxy in Select Type dropdown.
    a. Private Key
    i. Export/copy a private key from another Ethereum based wallet.
    ii. Paste into the private key field and click Import.

iii. You should see the Account in the dropdown list.

b. JSON file
i. Click Choose File button to locate and select your JSON file.

ii. Enter password used when creating the keystore file .
iii. Click Import button .


c. Contract
i. Click Contract button to import smart-contract to your wallet
ii. Copy smart-contract address to the corresponding Address field. If smart-contract has been previously verified in Blockscout, its ABI will be automatically inserted into the corresponding field. If not you should paste it manually. And then click Import button.


d. Proxy
i. Click Proxy button to import Delegate Proxy smart-contract to your wallet
ii. Copy Proxy smart-contract address to the corresponding Address field. If Proxy smart-contract has been previously verified in Blockscout, its ABI will be automatically inserted into the corresponding field. If not you should paste it manually. Moreover, if the current implementation for this proxy also verified in Blockscout, then NIfty Wallet will automatically combine ABIs of proxy and implementation. And then click Import button.


  1. Click Account Icon in the right top corner of the extension and select the newly imported account (new accounts should appear lowest on the list, but check the address field 0x…. below the account to verify accuracy).

Deleting old accounts from the wallet

  1. To delete an imported account, whatever is it (account, contract or proxy contract), Click Account Icon in the right top corner of the extension.

  2. In the dropdown list opposite the account name click to Remove (cross) icon.

  1. The confirmation screen will appear. Confirm the removal with clicking to Yes button.

However, if you would like to clean the interface, backup your seed phrase and export each wallets private keys for safety. You can then restore the wallet with your seed phrase and other the original accounts will appear in the interface (except imported).


POA Tokens

To check a balance, be sure the correct network is selected in the Network dropdown ( POA Network or POA Sokol Test Network ). If you have any POA tokens, you will see the amount and USD value in your account.

Buy POA Tokens

Nifty provides links to the current exchanges to buy and transfer tokens.

  1. Click the Buy button.

  1. Select the exchange you would like to use to purchase POA tokens. You will be directed to the service. Login as you normally would to interact and purchase POA.

  1. Withdraw your purchased POA to your Nifty Wallet Address. To copy your wallet address, go to the account in Nifty wallet, click on the 3 dots and select Copy Address to clipboard.

  1. Once the transfer occurs, your new balance will be reflected in the wallet. If you are not seeing the correct balance, check the transaction and double check that you are connected to the POA network.

Send POA Tokens

  1. Click the Send Button.

  1. Enter the amount to send and the recipient’s address and click Next.

  1. A second screen will confirm transaction details. If you want to proceed, click Submit.

  1. The transaction will appear in your Sent Tab. Click on the transaction to view details in the POA Explorer.

POA20 Tokens

POA20 tokens (see the POA bridge DApp for more info) can be stored in Nifty Wallet using the same wallet address you use for POA tokens. However, POA20 tokens live on the Main Ethereum Network rather than a POA network.

You can view POA20 token in the Nifty Wallet application. Moreover, you can view any ERC-20 token in it. Below are the steps to add POA20 token to the extension.

  1. Click on the app icon in your browser to open Nifty Wallet and login. 1nifty_icon.png
  2. Click on the Networks dropdown and select Main Ethereum Network .

  1. If you already have a non-zero balance of POA20 token in your account, then it will automatically display, when you will switch to Tokens Tab. If you have a zero balance of POA20 token or you didn’t add it manually before, to add it, click the Add Token button in the Tokens Tab.

Switch to Search tab

  1. a. Input POA20 in the search field. POA20 token will appear in the list. Click to it and then click Next button.

  1. a. The confirmation screen will appear. Review it and click Add Tokens button.

If you want to add POA20 manually by smart-contract address, you also can do it. Switch to Custom tab instead of Search.

  1. b. Input the following address 0x6758b7d441a9739b98552b373703d8d3d14f9e62 in the Token Address. Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will be filled automatically by extension. And Click Add.

5. b. Verify the balance of POA20 Tokens in your account.

Please see the Bridge FAQs for more information on POA20 tokens.

Nifty Wallet has a UI for sending or receiving ERC20 tokens

Sending of POA20 tokens

  1. On the main screen of your account owning POA20 token click Tokens tab. Find POA20 token in the list of tokens and click to 3 dots menu. Click Send menu item.

  1. In the appeared screen choose Recipient address, if it is also in your wallet, or paste another address to send tokens to. Also, fill the number of tokens to send. And click “Next” button.

  1. The standard pending transaction screen will appear. Review the info on the screen. If there are no errors in that screen, click “Confirm” to broadcast the transaction to the network.

Receiving of POA20 tokens

If you want to receive POA20 tokens to the account in Nifty Wallet, you can copy the address of the account or show QR-code of your account to the originator of the transaction.

Copy account address

  1. Click Account Icon in the right top corner of the extension and select your account in the dropdown menu.

  2. a. Click Copy icon under the name of the account in the appeared main screen.

  1. b. Click 3 dots menu right after the name of the account. And click Copy address to clipboard menu item.

Show account QR code

  1. Click Account Icon in the right top corner of the extension and select your account in the dropdown menu.

  2. Click 3 dots menu right after the name of the account. And click Show QR code menu item. Show this screen to the originator of the transaction to scan QR code.

Alternatively, to send and receive POA20, use in tandem with a browser wallet such as MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto.

Interaction with the smart-contracts

Check out interaction with the smart-contracts feature review.


Nifty Wallet provides a web3 interface for DApp interaction and works with a variety of applications and plays well with MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto.

Update to Latest Version

Depending on your Chrome settings, your extension may not automatically upgrade. To upgrade to the latest version of Nifty Wallet:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. In the address bar, type chrome://extensions .
  3. At the top of the extensions page, toggle to Developer mode .
  4. Click Update in the top navigation menu.