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POA Network + Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet provides a simple and secure Ethereum wallet for your mobile device. The UI is intuitive and easy to use. Local key storage creates a secure environment, and the ‘watch’ functionality lets you monitor balances on your hardware / cold-storage wallets (like Ledger and Trezor).

Trust Wallet also makes POA Network interaction a breeze!

  1. The Trust Wallet ecosystem allows users to interact with DApps directly through the interface. This means you can use the POA Bridge or Bancor Exchange easily and safely without leaving the wallet.
  2. POA20 token support allows you to view, send and receive POA20 (or any other ERC20) tokens.
  3. Trust Wallet comes loaded with POA Network and POA Sokol testnet networks! Switching to the POA network is as simple as opening network settings and switching to POA.

See the Trust Wallet App knowledge base for additional details.
Note: The following instructions were created using an IOS device. Functionality is very similar between the two applications, but the UI differs slightly. if you need additional instruction for an Android device, visit the Trust Wallet knowledge base .

Download the Trust Wallet App for your mobile device.

Create or Import a Wallet


  1. Open the Application.
  2. Press the Create Wallet button.

  1. Write down your backup phrase in a secure location.
  2. Confirm your backup phrase.

  1. Your Main Multi-Coin wallet is created and ready to use! Go to Settings to view your network, wallet address and other details.
    Important: A Multi-Coin Wallet MUST be created in order to add and view additional network wallets such as the POA Network .

  1. To create additional wallets, or import wallets, go to Settings → Wallets and press the + symbol.

  1. Select the Network for the Wallet.

  1. Import the Wallet Keystore , Private Key or Mnemonic . Select the appropriate item in the top navigation menu, paste in the information, name the wallet and click Import.

  1. You will now see your Wallet added to the list of available wallets.

Import a Wallet

  1. Press Import button.

  1. Enter in Wallet Keystore , Private Key or Mnemonic . These can be exported from your current wallet and copied into the provided field.

  1. Press Import button.

Backup your Wallet!

Video tutorials on wallet backups for IOS and Android are available on the Trust Wallet Knowledge base.

  1. Go to Settings → Wallets and click on the blue ! symbol to manage the wallet you want to backup.

  1. Select Backup Keystore .

  1. Enter and Confirm a Password and press Done .

  1. Select a Location and Save .

Adding a POA Network Wallet

Note: if upgrading from a previous version of TrustWallet you will need to create/import a multi coin wallet before you can interact with the POA Network. See Create or Import a wallet for more information.

  1. Go to Settings → Wallets and click the + icon

  1. Select POA Network (POA) Wallet from the list.

  1. Choose a method to import your POA Network Wallet (Phrase, Keystore, Private Key).
    Note: If you use Address, you can view a wallet but cannot interact with it.

  2. You will now have a POA network wallet interface, and any POA tokens you own will appear in your wallet along with your balance and other information.

POA20 Token Interaction

  1. Go to an Ethereum Network Wallet and click the + symbol to add a custom token.

  1. Enter in the following information and click Done :

Contract Address: 0x6758b7d441a9739b98552b373703d8d3d14f9e62
Name: A name for your reference
Symbol: POA20
Decimals: 18

  1. You can now view POA20 tokens in your wallet. Send and receive POA20 as you would any other ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Click on token you want to use in order to send and receive.

Important: You MUST have enough Ether in your wallet to pay for the gas costs to transfer POA20. If you do not have enough ETH to cover the transaction costs the transfer will be rejected.

Trust Wallet DApp interaction

Trust wallet provides a browser interface to interact directly with DApps in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Interact with POA Bridge

You can use the POA bridge directly from the Trust Wallet interface!

  1. Click on Browser in the bottom toolbar. This will bring you to the Trust Wallet DApps page.

  1. The browser url should direct you to https://dapps.trustwalletapp.com. Scroll down to the Utility section and select POA Bridge . If you do not see a list of websites, you can enter a site directly into the url field.

  2. Trust Wallet funds are integrated and available for use with the POA Bridge DApp.

Interact with Bancor Exchange

  1. Click on Browser in the bottom toolbar. This will bring you to the Trust Wallet DApps page.

  1. Scroll down to the Exchanges section and select The Bancor Network .

  1. Use your Trust Wallet to interact with POA20 and other ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum Network.

a. Click on the Arrows Symbol in the top menu bar.

b. Select the Trust Wallet and press Next .

c. Your Trust Wallet funds are available for use! Press the Magnifying Glass Icon to search for POA20.

d. Buy or Exchange POA20 tokens from the Token Summary Page.

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