Warning on the POA contracts

Why does etherscan.io show a warning messages on the POA contracts created from the wizard? Example:
Warning: The compiled contract might be susceptible to ZeroFunctionSelector (very low-severity), DelegateCallReturnValue (low-severity), ECRecoverMalformedInput (medium-severity), SkipEmptyStringLiteral (low-severity) Solidity compiler bugs

How can that be resolved?

These low and medium severity issues, that you see in etherscan, can be fixed bu updading smart-contracts to the new version of compiler. You can do it on your side if you have Solidity coding skills by updating smart-contract and crete your own Token Wizard instance based on these contracts. We don’t plan to do this because we are working om migration of Token Wizard to Auth-os framework. These issues will be dissapeared automatically after migration will be finished.

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Thanks for the response. When will the migration be finished?

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Ok, I will but one final question, those warning messages do they mean the contracts are no good?

This only means that contracts have low and medium severity issues. There are no critical issues. If you are worrying about security, the contracts were successfully audited for one of the crowdsales created with Token Wizard.

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