WebApp to create deeds as NFTs

We have just released an new progressive web app that lets people easily create deeds as NFTs that can then be easily transferred along a business transaction

To make things a bit more visual, you can find an illustration where I created a sample NFT on the xDai chain giving the right to have a coaching session during one hour every Monday to anyone owning this NFT at the time of the session. This NFT is freely transferable and would serve as a proof of entitlement to the corresponding service.

Among other things, NFTs could be used to:

  • provide certificates of ownership of things like art works
  • provide license of use for certain ip rights
  • provide rights to certain goods or services as in the exemple above
  • provide receipts establishing a proof of purchase

You can contact us at if you would like to use our webapps to facilitate and secure exchanges within your community.