We're creating a tool to enable on-chain mobile applications

Hi everyone,

For a long time I wanted to make a mobile app with a decentralized back-end. So no one can block or filter it. Now thanks to PoS the block-chains are starting to have very low transaction fees.

Combine it with the Solidity contract and the dream is now becoming possible. Queries from the block-chain are free but making changes requires gas. Which means the users must purchase some tokens before using the app. This is now the major setback for having decentralized back-ends.

No more! I have come up with a protocol that enables pre-funded block-chain transactions. I know that many have faced this problem before me. Basically a special contract and any willing back-end providers are used to enable this. It can even be considered a new and easier way to mine tokens!

I’ve already written the white paper. Next, I am going to write the detailed flow charts for each of the 3 parties: Solidity contract, back-end, client. Then we’ll implement each one and provide it to the community as an unlicensed open-source software. I’ve already set up a team and we are moving forward.

Please take a look at the white paper and give feedbacks on it. More important than developing this product is the community to know about its existence. I appreciate it a lot if you help me spread the word.

PS. We are looking for a voluntary nodeJS developer for the back-end.