What is Gateway?

I want to use this plug-in. Benden wants a gateway: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/ico-progress-viewer/

It says: “Gateway URL:
The public URL of the gateway or proxy to the Ethereum network. Examples: infura.io, api.etherscan.io, api.myetherapi.com

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I guess you can choose any of these providers. All you need is to get an Access Key for chosen provider to get final gateway URL.

Thanks, but I could not run. I have another questions: If I organize an airdrop, the participants fill a form; later how do I send this tokens auto-send to the 5000 account in the exel file?

Some kind of Python or Nodejs script will help you with bulk token transfer.

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I would suggest looking into this SDK:

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Thanks, but I do not know any coding :frowning_face:

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Maybe https://poanetwork.github.io/multisender will help you? Try with a small amount first.

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