What is the best way to integrate token wizard crowdsale to Wordpress website?

Hello POA Network,

I’m planning on doing a ICO for a small project, and I’m using token wizard to create the crowdsale smart contract.

Since i have a wordpress website, i am wondering what is the best way to integrate token wizard crowdsale contract to the website? For example, should i just copy and paste the crowdsale contract address to my website and then have people send ETH to it or should I have a button that redirects to the token wizard crowdsale page?

Also, if there are any plugins that i can use to make the integration simpler, i would love to know.

Thank you lovely people,

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Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt. My username is GrandMaMaKathy, am thinking of doing crowdsale. I was checking the forum and found your post. It looks like you ahve some experiences with wordpress. Just for my curiosity is there any benefit to using wordpress website instead of other providers for crowdsale? I am thinking to do airdrop too. Is there any advice for me in my case?


The similar questions Question about ICO invest page and What is Gateway? have answers. I hope it will help you.

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I thought maybe I could just copy and paste contract address on to website, but transactions only go through POA crowdsale page via metamask.