What is the URL to our code depository?

What is the URL to our code depository?
Our crowdsale contract address is: 0x94F892F0E5957B59c668150578A1c1C39314ad91

The code of smart-contracts is in the summary file you downloaded from Publish page at deployment stage of Token Wizard.

Okay. Thanks.
We’ve been asked for a URL link to the code. Does our code exist somewhere where it is accessible by URL?

You can upload it anywhere you want from your summary files. Of course, the code of smart-contracts is publicly accessible. It is here https://github.com/poanetwork/ico/tree/wizard. But it can change sometimes and it doesn’t mean the code with which you built your crowdsale is matched with the current code from this repo.

Okay. Understood.
Thanks again for your help.