Where are my tokens?

Tokens were taken away from my Ethereum account but I did not receive them in my BSC account (different address)

The transaction 0x8f69…9630 was initiated 22 minutes ago


The specified transaction was included in a block. The app is looking for confirmations. Either 1. Validators are waiting for chain finalization before sending their signatures. 2. Validators are not active. 3. The bridge was stopped. Check status again after a few blocks. If the issue still persists contact to the validators by messaging on Support - Forum

Validator Status Age
0x0190F5c02746A03B14C99c1809Bf88C46a77552B Waiting Searching Transaction…
0xc27903B9F42822A6183EB6b235EA79f5af8f3f7d Waiting Searching Transaction…
0xb224029743f20B1126CceB29Dc15dd30139eb3c1 Waiting Searching Transaction…

2 of 3 confirmations required

It is still waiting and I received a token that is not USDC. This is the token I got on BSC:

This worth nothing and I’m unable to send it back! Please help me!

Ok. I was able to send tokens back to my Ethereum wallet.
$323 wasted in transaction fees.
Do never use this shitty tool

Hi Eduardo. I have same problem with you. How did you send your tokens back to your ethereum wallet. Is there any video or step by step paper. Or can you tell me the solution. Please Help me bro.

My Transaction Hash Code: 0x4b66e4469d466aab66e95f534c48d2dcefc4ce0911f5aaaea0f86318556f6c6b

You can send them back by using the same bridge you used to bridge them the first time. Just the direction will be opposite.

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The first time I tried it didn’t work. The tokens were not available to switch back. After a while I tried again and it worked.