Where is my token?

hello i have make test , but i have not used testnet , i have paye true .


Token Address

Crowdsale Contract Address

where is my 134 000 000 GTM token ?

Token wizard creates ERC20 compatible mintable token with initial token supply equal 0. When someone contributes to crowdsale, token mints to contributor address. I don’t see, that anybody contributed to your crowdsale https://wizard.poa.network/crowdsale?addr=0xfc17d05485806d6ddc8Ab9c69b2198961495c99e&networkID=1.

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yes I did not put on sale, I wanted to distribute them after. I think recovering everything at the end of crowsale

In case you were wishing don’t to put on sale but to distribute them to any account, you needed to reserve them to your account in step 2 of Wizard at deployment stage of crowdsale and distribute them after crowdsale finalization following this guide https://github.com/poanetwork/token-wizard/wiki/Distribute-reserved-tokens.